The most important — and intimidating — of the challenges facing us today are the redesign of outmoded societal systems — life, business, and education.


Education, to us, is perhaps the most telling index of the needs of a culture in transition. And so in October 2020, we launched:




The purpose of subscriptZERO is to help provide resources and funds to the underprivileged, economically-distressed, and otherwise lacking schools and families across Philadelphia. Ten percent of all e-learning sales, and one hundred percent of all donations, will go directly into the subscriptZERO fund to help education advancement.


Will TZERO — or subscriptZERO — fix the totality of American education? Probably not.

While we have certainly set forth both confident and optimistic ends, our beginnings are neither arrogant nor naive. We simply start at T, subscript 0 — use a creative blend of originality and coachability, and then put our "dent in the universe" — over time — as Steve Jobs once told the Stanford graduating class of 2005.


How big a dent? I suppose time will tell.

Help subscriptZERO Serve Others

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