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The Philosophy. 





We believe modern learning is inherently flawed.


The most important — and intimidating — of the challenges facing us today are the redesign of outmoded societal systems — life, business and education. For years, we have been teaching the principles found in our training programs, but it needs to be understood that these principles were — as a collective group — never intended to be a fixed methodology with specific stages and guaranteed results.

Rather, we think of it as a philosophy, a mindset, or a fun way to approach the problems confronting our modern world. Education is perhaps the most telling index of the needs of a culture in transition. Based on these truths, we have formulated our most fundamental principles, tested them on "Missouri" (prototypes & demos), and ultimately created a beautiful curriculum guided by a single, overarching philosophy:

To Learn, Purposefully — To Apply, Willingly

Will TZERO fix the totality of American education? Probably not — while we have certainly set forth both confident and optimistic ends, our beginnings are neither arrogant nor naive. We start at T, subscript-0 — we use a creative blend of originality and coachability, and then we put our "dent in the universe" — over time — as Steve Jobs once told the Stanford graduating class of 2005. How big a dent? I suppose we'll know over time.
The Story

TZERO is Education: Reimagined.